FC Viongozi is the official PAC University football club. It is managed by the Corporate Business Leadership Centre (CBLC), the Business and Consulting arm of the University. The team is currently being professionalized in line with the Sports Act 2013 in order to grow its fan base and build other aspects of club professional football. This will enable the team to scout and draw its playing unit from both the student’s team and outside the University. With the concept of sports scholarships in place, players drawn from outside the university will be able to attain student status upon signing for the team. The club is being developed to be an embodiment of Leadership as is the rallying call for PAC University. To this end, the club will totally model the best of the ideal 2030 citizen in line with the national values articulated in Article 10 of the Kenya Constitution 2010. The team will perpetuate patriotism, national Unity and integrity through its game and programmes to its fans. Going forward in to the next football season, the team intends to register as a professional club. The club is focused on delivering its three objectives as follows:

1.To market PAC University through brand enhancement as leader in sports development in Kenya.

2.To be an ambassador of Christian based leadership values in the example of the ultimate Leader, Jesus Christ

3.To open up an new revenue stream for PAC University through commercial football

Team Philosophy

We play a highly effective possession based speedy, agile, and confident counterattacks. Every player will be a leader on the field of play to exhibit a brand of football with surprise attacking supported by defence splitting passes and sharp finishing. Quick transition to collective team defending will ride on the highly physical characteristic of African football with supporting team mates and fighting shrewdly and bravely for the team while humbly respecting the opposing team with total sportsmanship.

Team Motto

Leaders on cleats!